how we work?

All our recommendations, standards and services are developed in consultation with independent committees and experts. These include Leading Technology companies, telecom establishments and other members of the public with an interest in the Industry.



Entarado offers reliable technology solutions which supports small and medium sized enterprises by ensuring they leverage technology in improving and growing there business and as a result make more money: Our disciplined research empowers your team with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions, and our experienced team ensures your solution is innovative, cost effective, and efficient.



Our technolgy research team is focused on creating innovative solutions - each tailored to specific business situations. through the integration of latest technology, we create impressive designs , analysis, and presentations that lead to actionable solutions.



At Entarado we provide a continuous flow of opportunities for client interaction with our team of Engineers, IT professionals, Web Designers, Database experts and much more. Through client councils, on-site meetings, support services and other available interactive platforms, you receive value for our partnership.